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RunScribe Sacral (S/W Upgrade)

RunScribe Sacral (S/W Upgrade)

$ 99.00

RunScribe Sacral

RunScribe - Sacral Sensor Add-On
(S/W Upgrade!)

If you have (3) RunScribe Plus pods, and are only looking to add Sacral capability to your account, then you're in the right place!
I'm crazy excited to add this new sensor location, and new metrics to the platform, enabling gait professionals like yourselves to even better identify and understand asymmetry and underlying movement issues. I'll be updating in the coming weeks with additional examples of the hip sensor in action, but here are some of the new metrics and sample visualizations of what you'll see (along with your existing footpod data) in the RunScribe Dashboard. As with the existing footpods, I will continue to add additional metrics and data visualization - this is just the beginning :-)

  • Pelvic Angles
    • Tilt - Min, Max, Range, Symmetry
    • Obliquity - Min, Max, Range, Symmetry
    • Rotation - Min, Max, Range, Symmetry
  • Vertical Oscillation
    • Range, Symmetry


  • Pelvic Angles
    • Tilt / Obliquity / Rotation vs. Time
    • Hip Print
      • 2D Plots allow for rapid identification of hip asymmetry


What's Included? For $99 you'll receive :

  • (1) Hip-worn Cradle
  • Sacral Firmware/Dashboard Enabled.

Note - the Sacral Sensor *must* be used in conjunction with your existing RunScribe Plus footpods, as they work in tandem!