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RunScribe Red Gait Lab (Foot)

RunScribe Red Gait Lab (Foot)

$ 599.00

RunScribe Red

RunScribe Red is a comprehensive analysis tool for gait professionals (podiatrists, physical therapists, gait labs, etc). By capturing data on both feet at every step, RunScribe provides a comprehensive view of a runner's mechanics in the lab or out in the wild. RunScribe is the only wearable system to provide Left/Right symmetry across every metric.

RunScribe Web Dashboard

Analyze Stride

  • ShoePrints/ShoeRide: 2D Visualization of Ground Contact
  • Shock: Impact Gs, Braking Gs, Shock Gs
  • Efficiency: Flight Ratio, Contact Time, Stride Rate
  • Motion: Footstrike Type, Pronation Excursion & Pronation Velocity
  • Symmetry: Simultaneous Right vs Left Metrics
  • Power: Running Power

Powerful data analysis and comparison tools in the Web Dashboard allow you to track change over time, compare shoes, different terrains, and to see how you compare to other runners in the RunScribe Community

  • Run Compare
  • Trend Compare
  • Community Compare

Multi-Runner Support

The web dashboard now allows you to share data with other runners as well as create additional runner profiles within your account for easy/separate tracking and analysis of their RunScribe data.

RunScribe App
  • Start/Stop/Pause/Resume/Lap for total control over data collection
  • RealTime Metrics (available in iOS App)

RunScribe Red - includes:

  • (2) RunScribe Red footpods
    • Integrated rechargeable battery (16+ hours run time)
  • Dual charger + USB cable
  • Laces mount (2 sets of cradles)
  • iOS or Android app (Bluetooth compatible) to upload and view your run
  • Multi-Patient Data Storage/Upload Capability (1st Year Subscription)